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about the website
Do you want to be sure when and on what basis to hold workers’ council elections?  Looking for answers whether the employer has an obligation to obtain the consent of the trade unions to introduce or change the rules of remuneration? You do not know which of the many trade unions  will be representative one? Want to find answers to your doubts concerning the rights and obligations of employers to works councils and trade unions?
If you intend to understand a legal problem, looking for answers in the field of labor law, website is an effective tool to help you in this matter. is a unique portal on issues of labor law, designed for employees and representatives of workers' councils and trade unions, as an aid in solving everyday problems in the field of labor law from the employees’ point of view. On this website you can find numerous articles on labor law, as well as various model documents  such as PIP notification on preventing the creation of workers’ councils or quarterly information on the number of members of the trade union organization.
The website was created in response to the broad need to create an affordable, professional and fully accessible 24 hours a day on-line tool reported by employees and their representatives.
On the website you can find:
Knowledge Base where users can find articles containing: advice based on specific legal grounds, the answers to all the important questions of individual and collective labor law and numerous examples of judgments of Labor Courts. The Knowledge Base articles are divided thematically and assigned to departments such as, among others, trade unions, collective disputes, workers’ council, massive layoffs. The aim of this is to support the Knowledge Base for workers’ councils, trade unions and the workers themselves in possible disputes with the employer.
The Model Documents Base, in which users for a minimal fee can download model documents useful in a variety of matters relating to labor law, containing a detailed information on how to fill them out.

In the Model Documents Base there are two types of templates:

1) Documents to fill in containing an extract of the law relevant to the content of the document and detailed description on how to fill it in.
2) Model Documents which are already filled in which are being used in the practice of legal relations concerning collective and individual labor law.
Online Document Creator is a practical and innovative tool that will enable the creation of documents you need without leaving your home and without the need to contact an attorney. Online Document Creator gives the opportunity to create professional documents and save the users’ time. This tool has been prepared for people working for trade unions, workers’ councils, as well as anyone who wants to quickly and inexpensively prepare the needed document. Online Document Creator is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is a simple and fully professional tool that allows a rapid preparation of legal writings. Based on the data introduced by the user, the device generates questions to determine a legal and factual situation. Then the document is generated that user can print out, or save on his computer. There are two ways to buy an access to the Creator. You can use the monthly or 24 -hour subscription.
Both articles and models of documents have been prepared by lawyers specialized in labor law, who on daily basis face different issues and problems in the field of labor law.
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